Madrid Writers’ Club

Mission statement:

We are the Madrid Writers’ Club, dedicated to supporting our members through weekly writing sessions; our purpose is to provide a time and a place for our membership to learn more about the craft through writing workshops and the process of read and critique, to create community, to write together, to learn together, and to celebrate our voices in an environment of mutual support and respect.

Top Six Reasons why people love our club:

  1. We foster an atmosphere of trust, mutual support and motivation in our writing goals.
  2. We learn and share the learning process with other members.
  3. We receive and give feedback on members’ writing.
  4. We connect with people interested in writing.
  5. We grow and improve as writers.
  6. We have fun.

Interested in taking part?

The Madrid Writers’ Club is an invitation only club. Membership is free of charge. Weekly invitations to participate are sent out via Facebook and/or email. Invites are sent to all members who attended during the previous month. Existing members who require special consideration please contact the club via email.

For more information please contact:
Please allow a minimum of 48hrs for a response.

Keep writing!